Dr. Lindsay Parker

My Team

My team is working in the area of “nano-neuroscience”. We conduct a range of activities including basic science research into developing new natural 3D brain scaffolds for cell culturing, bio-conjugation of nanodiamonds and upconversion nanoparticles with sugar targeting proteins and working to understand multiple applications for these particles using advanced microscopy techniques. We aim to help understand the glycan surface of each cell type found in the central nervous system and use this information to develop better ways to selectively deliver drug to each cell type. Our research will help improve precision medicine for patients seeking to treat brain disorders and brain cancer.

Research Assistants

Sameera Iqbal (PhD thesis under review)

Sameera’s PhD project investigated expression of polysialic acid sugars in the central nervous system during acute and chronic pain. She is working to develop new ways to accurately measure this sugar and correlate levels with degrees of pain.

Zahra Khabir

Zahra’s PhD project investigated the interaction of nanoparticles with complex models of skin cells. She has substantial experience in applying and imaging nanoparticles in biological environments. Zahra is working to improve nanoparticle surface conjugation for delivering anti-inflammatory drugs nasally.

HDR Candidates

Mina Ghanimi Fard (Macquarie University)

I am the primary supervisor of Mina, she is developing new coatings for nanodiamonds that can target sugar receptors expressed on the surface of brain cancer cells and deliver drugs more efficiently.

Minakshi Das (Macquarie University)

I am co-supervising Minakshi with Distinguished Professor Nicki Packer. Minaskhi is developing novel ways of coating the surface of upconversion nanoparticles with sugars in order to facilitate cellular uptake and super resolution single molecule imaging in biological samples.

Emma Wilson (RMIT University)

I am co-supervising Emma in collaboration with A/Prof Brant Gibson and Dr Philipp Reineck of RMIT University. Emma is investigating the interaction of nanodiamonds with biological environments, including optical characterization of particles and biological assays to determine cellular stress responses.