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Contributions to Science

Early Career: During my early career I worked with a team of graduate students who were investigating sympathetic ganglia and heart tissues in normal rats with regional sympathetic nerve destruction or rats with DOCA-salt hypertension. In one of our publications we were able to demonstrate in hypertensive rats that a protein producing superoxide is regulated in opposite directions in sympathetic neurons and sensory neurons. In another publication I helped describe the differential regional expression of norepinephrine transporter protein across heart chambers. I additionally conducted my own independent research studying cardiovascular responses in a hypertensive model of rats that overexpress endothelin B receptors selectively in their sympathetic nervous system.

  1. Cao X, Dai X, Parker LM, Kreulen DL. (2007) Differential Regulation of NADPH Oxidase in Sympathetic and Sensory Ganglia in Deoxycorticosterone Acetate Salt Hypertension. Hypertension. 50 (4), pp. 663-671
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  3. Parker LM, Wehrwein EA, Esfahanian M, Fink GD, and Kreulen DL. Norepinephrine transporter mRNA and protein are increased in left stellate from deoxycorticosterone-acetate (DOCA)-salt hypertensive rats. FASEB Journal 21 (6), A893-A893, May 2007
  4. Parker LM, Li M, Esfahanian M, Fink GD, Kreulen DL. Evaluation of the cardiovascular actions of sympathetic ganglion endothelin B receptors. FASEB Journal 22, April 2008

Graduate Career: I produced several first author publications during my graduate career on molecular mechanisms contributing to hypertension and hypoglycemia. My graduate research helped to identify specific neurochemical codes of brainstem and spinal cord neurons that regulate adrenal gland release of adrenaline and noradrenaline in response to lowering blood glucose drastically. I additionally studied the distribution of Gα protein mRNAs in the brainstem and adrenal glands of rats with neurogenic hypertension and found an increase in excitatory Gα subunit mRNA in these regions suggesting increased excitatory neuropeptide signaling in blood pressure regulating neurons.

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Postdoctoral Career: In my post-doctoral career I have discovered that spinal cord neurons regulating blood glucose or blood pressure have district neurochemical codes. I have contributed to publications describing protein changes during neuronal differentiation and in ground state pluripotency. I have also trained graduate students and assisted them in analyzing molecular changes in the rat prefrontal cortex, nucleus accumbens and subthalamic nucleus following self-administered methamphetamines. My assistance with in situ hybridization (ISH) techniques also has resulted in a recent publication chosen for a cover image and a surprising discovery on the neurochemistry of respiratory neurons. I am currently working on developing new ISH techniques using nanodiamonds and europium lanthanide conjugates.

  1. Parker LM, Damanhuri H, Fletcher S, McMullen S, Goodchild AK. (2015) Hydralazine administration activates sympathetic preganglionic neurons whose activity mobilizes glucose and increases cardiovascular function. Brain Research. 1604:25-34
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  7. Jacobsen JHW, Parker LM, Staikopoulos V, Schartner E, Tsiminis G, Hutchinson MR, Mustafa S. Novel imaging tools for investigating the role of immune signaling in the brain. Brain Behavior and Immunity (In Press)

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